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The head-aches I take care of for floriculture growers and horticulture companies include:
Trademarks for Plants

Trademarks can be a lot more complicated than most people expect. Complications arise when companies begin using a name or trademark before they fully research whether someone else is already using the same or similar name.

I’ve seen one company spend $38,000 in legal fees on a single trademark (this was not a client of mine) and they still didn’t receive approval from the trademark office because their trademark was too similar to one that was already registered. In my mind, I think this is a complete waste and I suspect you may agree. (A typical trademark usually costs between $2,000 and up to 6,000 USD).

Many trademark attorneys are not familiar with the particularities of how trademarks should relate to plants – and there are some critical pitfalls that are easy to fall into. Nomenclature in horticulture is complicated as well, then you add trademarks into the mix, and it is no wonder many in the industry are frustrated and don’t know which name to use in marketing materials.

Generally speaking, a trademark tells a story. It tells you:

1.Who you are doing business with;
2.What services and products a company offers; and
3.What can you expect from them (this is where trademarks and brands overlap).

As with branding, consistency is the mantra for trademarks. The consumer expects to have the same experience from a trademark. Many companies often chose to trademark their company name, logo, product names, and service slogans.

Many floriculture companies select a House Brand trademark which captures the essence of a plant line, while others file for trademark applications for each plant invention. It all depends on your market, your licensing opportunities, and of course, your budget. Developing a thoughtful strategy can yield great trademark protection without a huge financial investment.

Allison can work with your organization to understand the trademark process, develop a viable strategy, and even manage your trademark portfolio. > Services > Trademark Management
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