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The head-aches I take care of for floriculture growers and horticulture companies include:
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I met Allison though a professional contact who had sought her for name trademark help.  We hit it off immediately, and the process moved quickly to the application. 

Without her help I wouldn’t have known what to do, and might well not have even tried.  She is competent and easy to work with, and makes seemingly complex issues both understandable and feasible.

                               - Dr. Allan R. Taylor, Professor Emeritus
University of Colorado, Boulder

While we had spoken with intellectual property attorneys about our business, it wasn’t until we talked with Allison that we began to understand and consider the advantages of proper planning and positioning of intellectual property to our bottom line, i.e. the business side of intellectual property vs. just the legal side.

- Peter & Suzanne Rielle, Business Owners
Midland, Michigan

Allison is an outstanding multi-talented professional with organizational skills that are an asset to any company or institution... she is a pleasure to work with.

- Chip Comins, Chairman
The American Renewable Energy Institute
Aspen, Colorado

“Allison - I can’t begin to thank you for all you do -  you make my life at work so much easier and enjoyable.”

- Pat Hayward, Executive Director of Plant Select
A Colorado State University and Denver Botanic Gardens collaboration
Fort Collins, Colorado
Allison services have helped me greatly understand the complicated process of filing a patent. She's very efficient in cutting through the red tape to make sure all parties are on the same page. Allison also very involved in the processes and takes pride in turning out a quality product at a reasonable cost. I appreciate her integrity and general concern for my patent filing as if it were her own. I look forward to continuing our business relationship utilizing additional services that she offers.

- T.S.
an Arborist in California

Allison was a pleasure to work with.  She is detail-oriented and highly reliable... She has an entrepreneurial spirit and great communication skills.  I highly recommend her.
- Bill Vobach, Esq., Registered Patent Attorney
HolzerIPLaw, P.C.
Denver, Colorado

Allison was extremely helpful in supporting the research for my upcoming book on strategies for growth companies. She helped sharpened the messages and also brought a keen sense of marketing.

- Dave Power
Harvard University business professor and author of The Curve Ahead: Discovering the Path to Unlimited Growth

It was a pleasure to have worked with Allison. She is conscientious and willing to do whatever it takes to get her projects completed. Working with a bunch of attorneys is often not easy, but she always managed to keep a cheerful disposition.

- Horace Ng, Esq.
Managing Intellectual Property Counsel and Director of Patent Procurement
Marvell Semiconductor Inc
Santa Clara, California

I started working with Allison a number of years ago when she was with a Fortune 250 company…and Allison helped many people in that organization get a handle on what they needed to do.
- John Harris, Esq.
Morris, Manning & Martin
Atlanta, Georgia

Many inventors and small business people get taken in by scams pretending to have the inventor’s best interests in mind. Allison is a trustworthy and competent professional who can point people in the right direction.

- Darin Gibby, Esq. Registered Patent Attorney
Kilpatrick Townsend, Denver, Colorado

I requested Allison’s assistance in putting together a website development and optimisation proposal and can say that her work is thorough and comprehensive, leaving absolutely nothing out!  Allison not only satisfied all of my questions but went that extra mile and added so much more than I had anticipated. Her friendly disposition made the process so much easier. I would not hesitate to recommend Allison’s services to anyone.

- Nancy Wylde, Author and Speaker
Sydney, Australia

Allison does exceptional work with a great attention to detail. In addition, she is a pleasure with which to work.

- Kevin LeMond, Registered Patent Attorney
Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
Portland, Oregon

I had the honor and pleasure of working with Allison for a year and a half, and simply put, she is amazing! I can only hope I get the opportunity to work with her in the future.
- Dr. Bethany Reid, PhD.
Registered U.S. Patent Agent
Denver, Colorado

I have known Allison both personally and professionally for nine years. She is an innovative thinker who uses great discretion in business confidentially matters. Allison’s character is of the highest standard. She is an honest, trustworthy individual.

- T. Dahof, Esq.
Denver, Colorado