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Intellectual Property Systems
Save Thousands, Same Protections
  • Deadline Management

  • Trademark Portfolios

  • Patent Application Portfolios

  • Plant Breeder Rights Applications

  • Government Correspondences

  • Application Renewals

  • Legal Contracts Management

  • Planning and Promotion

  • Asset Protection Tactics
The head-aches I take care of for floriculture growers and horticulture companies include:
With no hype and just helpful solutions, our clients can be assured that they will have all the intellectual property protection they need without having to pay the premium that law firms charge for each and every service.

A lot of people try to sell you something you don’t need. A lot of people make promises they never intend to keep. This “take-your money-and-run” approach has never sat well with us. We believe that in all things, we should leave behind something better than what was there before.

Our commitment to our clients begins first by:

1. Being transparent.

As an example, we send out invoices that are fairly priced and are clearly written so you know exactly what you are paying for. Each invoice includes a year-to-date total so it is easier to keep track of costs.

2. Being honest.

If we don’t think your financial model supports the type of intellectual protection you are pursuing, we will tell you the pros and cons of different options and approaches. We are not here to “up sell” you intellectual property that you don’t need. We are here to help you gain control over your organization and to succeed.

3. Being Predictable – with truly fixed IP costs.

It has never made sense to us to “punish” our existing, happy clients by arbitrarily raising prices; therefore we’ve made the commitment to not raise our intellectual property rates on existing clients for GRIPS trademark and patent portfolio management services. Of course, this offer cannot be extended to any government fees or the fees of our referral associates.

The acronym GRIPS stands for “GReenHouse Intellectual Property Systems.”

We also use that same acronym to express how GRIPS can help your business:

G ain a Competitive Advantage

R each Out to New Customers

I nvest in Ideas That Make You Money Instead of Cost You Money

P rotect Your Ideas with Strategic Intellectual Property Planning

S ave a Lot of Money in the Process!

Our Team helps you grow your business in an organized, sustainable way so that you can spend less time worrying about your business and more time enjoying your business.  Our holistic approach will not only help you protect your ideas, we can help you market them, sell them, and even attract quality investors and funding. > GRIPS Team  > Philosophy
GRIPS Philosophy - Our Commitment to You
GRIPS, LLC is a Colorado Limited Liability Company - Copyright 2012-2014, All Rights Reserved. Allison is a Plant Breeder's Rights Agent. She is not an attorney and she does not offer legal advice.
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