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The head-aches I take care of for floriculture growers and horticulture companies include:
Branding is the fraternal twin sibling to trademarks. While trademarks tell a story, branding gives a promise. A well-managed brand delivers a consistent experience and fulfills the expectation of a customer. A good brand creates significant leverage on a tight budget and can, in some cases, replace other forms of intellectual property (IP). If people know the brand and the brand consistently meets the customer’s expectations, then they will only purchase that branded product, regardless of whether there is a registered trademark or plant patent associated with it.

However, a brand can be more burdensome on the plant breeding company than other forms of IP. Filing a trademark application is a relatively passive experience for the company, but maintaining a brand requires a daily commitment. It is the difference between buying a piece of gym equipment that sits in your basement and actually going to the gym everyday to workout. Certainly the trademark can become a brand, and that makes the most financial sense, after all, why spend money on a trademark if you are going to hide it in your basement with the un-used workout equipment?

Many people limit the concept of branding to a good looking logo, a catalog theme, or to plant tags. Once the marketing materials are finished, they think the brand is in place and ready to work for them. But, branding is much more than that.

For example, if your brand promotes hardy plants, then that means that every business decision is affected by the concept of “hardy plants.” If you’ve spent four years developing a plant line that fails to tolerate windy, dry conditions, should you include that in your line of hardy plants? If you do and customer after customer discovers that the plant is in fact, highly sensitive, what impact will that have on your brand? With today’s social media word-of-mouth, it can derail your brand instantaneously.
We help you understand the risks associated with your brand promises and we help you develop brands that are reasonably managed by the organization while simultaneously attracting consumers.

Here at GRIPS, we can help you understand how to integrate marketing and branding into your patent and trademark portfolio so that you can increase public recognition of our products, loyalty to your brand and increase sales.

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